Ana Raging was the owner of Brownie, Hershey,and Sunny in The Crazy World of Brownie and Hershey! She is smart, kind, and adrorable child. She has an ponytail that has black hair with grey highlights and teal eyes. She wears and rainbow t-shirt and purple shorts. She first appeared in the episode Sunshine! She is voiced by Basak Serin.

She is always sweet. Her favorite colors are purple, green, and orange. She was never mean to anybody. Her favorite food is pizza. She is 3'9in. She weighs 35lbs. She was born on Oct.2,2002 (age 9). She is so short for her age. Even though her classroom she is older than everyone, she is the shortest. Her hometown is Cape Cod, MA. She lives in a ranch with her mom and dad.