Hi, my name is Hershey-like the chocolate company!
Hershey in First Morning

Hershey White-Katzwell
Gender: Male
Age: 8 months
Height: 5in.
Nationality: American
Hometown: Round Rock, TX
Born: Febuary 2
Friends and Family
Samantha Katzwell (mom)
Toby Katzwell (dad)
Evita White-Katzwell (sister)
Brownie Katzwell (step-sister)
Torrie Katzwell (step-sister)
Teddy Katzwell (step-brother)
Sam Katzwell (step-brother)
Everyone (expect for villians)
Love interests:
Cherry Cat
Anti Brownie
Princess Millie
Roxee Dog
Sassy Dog (crush)
Captain Cori (crush)
Eye Color:
Fur Color:
Dark Brown
Voiced by:
Terry McGurrin
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  First Morning

Hershey Jonathan White-Katzwell [1] is an stupid, funny, and loud cat. He makes Brownie and others bored and angry. He is in love with Cherry Cat. He may cause dangerous adventures to others. He is the brother of Brownie, Torrie, Evita Teddy, and Sam Katzwell. He is voiced by Roy Portl in the series but Terry McGurrin in 3 episodes.

He is 5in. and he weighs 5lbs. He's favorite color is green. He has dark brown fur and green eyes. He was born on Febuary, 2. He is 8 months. When he intorduces his self he says: "Hi, my name is Hershey like the chocolate company!" He is so lazy.


Hershey Fan Art By Roy Portl


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